OpenCMIS InMemory Repository

This repository is obviously not intended for production use!

The OpenCMIS In-Memory Repository is an implementation of a CMIS repository that holds content and metadata in memory. Therefore, all data stored in the repository is lost after each restart. This implementation has two main purposes:

  1. Provide a fast backend for testing purposes without any additional dependencies or configuration.
  2. Provide a sample implementation for the server interface of OpenCMIS.


The code is unstable and under development. Expect any interface to change at any time. The following features are implemented:

  • Type System and Repository Service
  • Navigation
  • Object Service
  • Versioning

Not supported are currently:

  • Query
  • Relationships
  • ACLs
  • Policies
  • Renditions
  • Unfiling

Build and Deploy the Repository

  1. Follow this guide: How to build OpenCMIS
  2. A ready-to-use WAR file should now exist in /chemistry-opencmis-server/chemistry-opencmis-server-inmemory/target.
  3. Deploy the WAR file to your favorite servlet engine.
  4. AtomPub endpoint: http://<host>:<port>/<context>/atom,
    Web Services endpoint: http://<host>:<port>/<context>/services/RepositoryService

Configure the Repository

The CMIS specification does not currently provide support for creating a repository or administrative capabilities such as the creation of type definitions.

The in-memory repository therefore provides settings that allows the server to bootstrap itself, so that on successful startup, the server is in a usable state. These settings include the repository id, its type definitions and an initial folder/document data set.

The types to be made available must be provided in a Java class as code. By default, the class is provided. You can take this as an example if you want to provide your own custom types. Such a class must implement the org.apache.chemistry.opencmis.inmemory.TypeCreator interface which consists of a single method that returns a list of TypeDefinition objects. This method will be called once during startup.

Some clients just support read-only access. The in-memory repository supports such clients by providing the possibility to fill a repository on start-up with data (folders and documents). The folder and document types to be used can be configured and also the number of documents and folders that are created. Those configuration parameters start with the prefix RepositoryFiller.

Bootstrap settings are set in the file (/WEB-INF/classes/

# In Memory Settings
  # The class that enables the in-memory repository as server implementation

# A repository that is created on start-up

# The class that used to initialize the type system (creates all types that are available)

# settings to initialize a repository with data on start-up
  # enable or disable
  # Type id of documents that are created
  # Type id of folders that are created
  # Number of documents created per folder
  # Number of folders created per folder
  # number of folder levels created (depth of hierarchy)
  # Size of content for documents (0=do not create content), default=0
  # properties to set for a document
  # properties to set for a folder