About Apache Chemistry cmislib

The goal of this project is to create a CMIS client for Python that can be used to work with any CMIS-compliant repository.

The library is being developed with the following guidelines:
  • Developers using this API should be able to work with CMIS domain objects without having to worry about the underlying implementation details.
  • The library will use the Resftul AtomPub Binding.
  • The library will conform to the CMIS spec as closely as possible. Several public CMIS repositories are being used to test the API.
  • The library should have no hard-coded URL’s. It should be able to get everything it needs regarding how to work with the CMIS service from the CMIS service URL response and subsequent calls.
  • There shouldn’t have to be a vendor-specific version of this library. The goal is for it to be interoperable with CMIS-compliant providers.

Quick Example

This should give you an idea of how easy and natural it is to work with the API:
>>> cmisClient = cmislib.CmisClient('http://localhost:8080/alfresco/cmisatom', 'admin', 'admin')
>>> repo = cmisClient.defaultRepository
>>> rootFolder = repo.rootFolder
>>> children = rootFolder.getChildren()
>>> newFolder = rootFolder.createFolder('testDeleteFolder folder')
>>> props = newFolder.properties
>>> newFolder.delete()


  • createDocumentFromSource
  • getProperties filter
  • getContentStream stream id
Unfiling/multifiling support
  • createDocument without a parent folder (unfiled)
  • The spec does not yet support this. Although the spec does say that a folder ID is optional, it does not specify which URL to post the unfiled document to.
  • Policy object
  • createPolicy
  • applyPolicy
  • removePolicy
  • getAppliedPolicies

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