This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
OpenCMIS Client Bindings Implementation – OpenCMIS Client Binding Layer

JUnit Test Parameters

The provider implementation tests that require a real CMIS repository can be configured via system properties. These are the properties:

Property Description Default
opencmis.test Must be set to true to run tests false
opencmis.test.username User name test
opencmis.test.password Password test
opencmis.test.repository Repository id of the test repository [If not set the first repository returned by getRepositoryInfo will be used.]
opencmis.test.testfolder Root folder for all tests [If not set the the root folder of the test repository will be used.]
opencmis.test.documenttype Default test document type cmis:document
opencmis.test.foldertype Default test folder type cmis:folder
opencmis.test.atompub.url URL of the CMIS AtomPub service document http://localhost:8080/cmis/atom
opencmis.test.webservices.url URL prefix of the CMIS Web Services WSDLs http://localhost:8080/cmis/services/
opencmis.test.config Absolute path to a properties file that can contain all the parameters above none