Miscellaneous Code

This page documents modules of lesser importance.

The cmislib.cmis_services Module

This module contains the base Binding class and other service objects.

class cmislib.cmis_services.Binding

Represents the binding used to communicate with the CMIS server.


Returns the repository service specific to this binding.

class cmislib.cmis_services.RepositoryServiceIfc

Defines the interface for the repository service.


Returns a list of repositories for this server.


Returns the repository information for this server.

The cmislib.exceptions Module

This module contains exceptions used throughout the API.

exception cmislib.exceptions.CmisException(status=None, url=None)

Common base class for all exceptions.

exception cmislib.exceptions.ConstraintException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.ContentAlreadyExistsException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.FilterNotValidException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.InvalidArgumentException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.NameConstraintViolationException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.NotSupportedException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.ObjectNotFoundException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.PermissionDeniedException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.RuntimeException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.StorageException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.StreamNotSupportedException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.UpdateConflictException(status=None, url=None)
exception cmislib.exceptions.VersioningException(status=None, url=None)

The cmislib.messages Module

This module contains common strings.

The cmislib.util Module

This module contains handy utility functions.

cmislib.util.multiple_replace(aDict, text)

Replace in ‘text’ all occurences of any key in the given dictionary by its corresponding value. Returns the new string.

See http://code.activestate.com/recipes/81330/


Utility function to parse booleans and none from strings


Utility function to return a datetime from a string.

cmislib.util.parsePropValue(value, nodeName)

Returns a properly-typed object based on the type as specified in the node’s element name.

cmislib.util.parsePropValueByType(value, typeName)

Returns a properly-typed object based on the type as specified in the node’s property definition.


Safe encoding of value taking care of unicode value urllib.quote doesn’t like unicode values


Safe encoding of values taking care of unicode values urllib.urlencode doesn’t like unicode values


Utility function to convert Python values to CMIS string values


Safe encodng of value to utf-8 taking care of unicode values