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Type Line Description
todo 185 Make this work with cookies
todo 295 Make this storage optional
todo 393 Review
todo 495 Maybe use ->length=0 to even detect null values
todo 511 RRM FIX THIS
todo 583 RRM FIX THIS


Type Line Description
todo 154 Allow the getProperty method to query the object type information and return multivalue properties as arrays even if empty or if only a single value is present.
todo 197 Fix Type Caching with missing properties
todo 259 Need to fix this for multiple repositories
todo 291 Refactor Type Entries Caching
todo 318 Refactor Type Entries Caching
todo 322 Need GenURLQueryString Utility
todo 324 Need right URL
todo 459 Need GenURLQueryString Utility
todo 476 Need GenURLQueryString Utility
todo 493 Need GenURLQueryString Utility
todo 838 Need Proper Query String Handling
todo 893 Need Proper Query String Handling
todo 916 Fix Hack HERE -- get type if it is there otherwise retrieve it --
todo 1168 Look at links "via" and "working-copy"