Repository specific notes

Alfresco 3.4

In order to access Alfresco aspects, you have to set up the Alfresco OpenCMIS Extension.

SharePoint 2010

While connecting via AtomPub is straight forward, connecting via Web Services is a bit tricky. (See also Microsofts CMIS documentation for details.)


The service document URL is http://<host>/_vti_bin/cmis/rest/<SPList>?getrepositoryinfo.

Web Services

  1. Download the WSDL with a web browser and store it on your local disk. The WSDL URL is http://<host>/_vti_bin/cmissoapwsdl.aspx?wsdl.
  2. Provide file://... URLs to the downloaded WSDL for all OpenCMIS WSDL session parameters.


If NTLM is enabled on SharePoint, you have to activate the OpenCMIS NTLM authentication provider.


(The NTLM authentication provider uses under the hood. If this interferes with your environment, you are on your own. Sorry!)