This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Chemistry - Apache Chemistry Parts

Welcome to Apache Chemistry Parts


Apache Chemistry Parts is a set of SharePoint components compatible with any CMIS 1.1 compliant repository.

This library contains different sub-components:

  • A CMIS 1.1 JavaScript library (based on jQuery)
  • 2 UI components (folder tree and document browser) based on the previous library, and using only standard web technologies like HTML, JS and CSS.
  • Different SharePoint containers for each previous component: SharePoint 2010 WebParts, SharePoint 2013 WebParts and Office365 AppParts.

These components have been developed to be easily customized depending of your use case, and re-packable for almost any web container.

Where to get it from

Chemistry Parts has not been released, yet. The development source code can be found in the Apache SVN.