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Apache Chemistry - Adding CMIS extensions

Adding CMIS extensions (Server)

The CMIS standard offers to add implementation specific extensions in many places. Here is an example how to add extensions to an instance of ObjectData.

(since OpenCMIS 0.2.0)

    // we want to attach an extension to an object
    ObjectData object = ...
    // some dummy data
    String typeId = "MyType";
    String objectId = "1111-2222-3333";
    String name = "MyDocument";
    // find a namespace for the extensions that is different from the CMIS namespaces
    String ns = "";
    // create a list for the first level of our extension
    List<CmisExtensionElement> extElements = new ArrayList<CmisExtensionElement>();
    // set up an attribute (Avoid attributes! They will not work with the JSON binding!)
    Map<String, String> attr = new HashMap<String, String>();
    attr.put("type", typeId);
    // add two leafs to the extension
    extElements.add(new CmisExtensionElementImpl(ns, "objectId", attr, objectId));
    extElements.add(new CmisExtensionElementImpl(ns, "name", null, name));
    // set the extension list
    List<CmisExtensionElement> extensions = new ArrayList<CmisExtensionElement>();
    extensions.add(new CmisExtensionElementImpl(ns, "exampleExtension", null, extElements));

This should create something like that:

    <exampleExtension:exampleExtension xmlns="" xmlns:exampleExtension="">
        <objectId type="MyType">1111-2222-3333</objectId>