This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Chemistry - OpenCMIS Fileshare Repository

OpenCMIS Fileshare Repository

This repository is not intended for production use!

The FileShare repository uses the file system as its back-end store and provides read/write access to content and metadata. In other words, it puts a CMIS interface on top of your file system.

The repository is restricted by the capabilities of the file system and therefore does not support relationships, policies, document versions, multi-filing, un-filing and query.

By default it provides a repository "test" that uses your home directory as the repository root. It requires authentication. A user "test" with the password "test" is pre-configured.

  1. Follow this guide: Build OpenCMIS.
  2. A ready-to-use WAR file should now exist in /chemistry-opencmis-server/chemistry-opencmis-server-fileshare/target.
  3. Deploy the WAR file to your favorite servlet engine.
  4. AtomPub endpoint: http://<host>:<port>/<context>/atom
    Web Services endpoint: http://<host>:<port>/<context>/services/RepositoryService

Download the FileShare Repository

You can download the latest release from the download page.

Configure the Repository

The configuration file in the WAR file is /WEB-INF/classes/

    # Don't touch this line
    # Login configuration
    #  login.<no> = <user>:<password>
    login.1 = test:test
    login.2 = cmisuser:password
    login.3 = reader:reader
    # Type defintions (see example-type.xml)
    #  type.<no> = <absolute path to type definition XML file>
    type.1 = /home/cmistest/type1.xml
    type.2 = /home/cmistest/type2.xml
    # Repository configuration
    #  repository.<repositoryId> = <absolute path to repository root folder>
    #  repository.<repositoryId>.readwrite = <comma separated list of login names>
    #  repository.<repositoryId>.readonly = <comma separated list of login names>
    repository.test = /home/cmistest/myreproot 
    repository.test.readwrite = test, cmisuser
    repository.test.readonly = reader