This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Chemistry - OpenCMIS Browser

OpenCMIS Browser

The CMIS Browser is a simple web based tool to browse CMIS enabled repositories that support the AtomPub binding. It sits between the web browser of the end-user and the CMIS repository. It applies stylesheets to the Atom entries and feeds that repository returns and creates HTML pages that enable the end-user to navigate through the repository.

The CMIS Browser consists of a small WAR file that doesn't require any configuration. Deploy it to a servlet engine and type http://<host>/<context>/browse in your web browser. Enter the URL of the AtomPub service document into the input box and start browsing.

Build and Deploy the CMIS Browser

  1. Build OpenCMIS
  2. A ready-to-use WAR file should now exist in /chemistry-opencmis-test/chemistry-opencmis-test-browser-app/target.
  3. Deploy the WAR file to your favorite servlet engine.