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Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS is a collection of Java libraries, frameworks and tools around the CMIS 1.0 and CMIS 1.1 specifications.

Release 0.11.0 (2014-04-14)

Full Download page, Release Notes and JavaDocs.

This release contains bug fixes, improvements, and new features for clients and servers. The new features include OAuth support for clients CMIS-745 and a pluggable service wrapper infrastructure for servers CMIS-764 (see service wrapper documentation) This release also fixes stability and compliance issues.

For example, a race condition in the client library has been fixed CMIS-769 and an issue that could cause high server load has been addressed CMIS-781.

Because of these fixes, we encourage all OpenCMIS users to upgrade to this release as soon as possible!

Commodity Packages

Package zip Description
OpenCMIS Client with dependencies Download (md5, sha1, pgp) All you need to build a CMIS client.
OpenCMIS Sources Download (md5, sha1, pgp) OpenCMIS source code.
OpenCMIS Docs Download (md5, sha1, pgp) Documentation and JavaDoc.
OpenCMIS Workbench Download (md5, sha1, pgp) CMIS Workbench desktop client.
OpenCMIS Server Webapps Download (md5, sha1, pgp) Repositories (Fileshare, InMemory) and CMIS Browser.
OpenCMIS Android Client Download (md5, sha1, pgp) CMIS Android Client

Web Archives (WARs)

Package WAR Description
OpenCMIS Server WAR Download (md5, sha1, pgp) All you need to build a CMIS server.
OpenCMIS Bridge Download (md5, sha1, pgp) CMIS bridge
OpenCMIS JCR Download (md5, sha1, pgp) CMIS JCR bridge

Java Archives (JARs)

Package JAR Description
OpenCMIS OSGI client Download (md5, sha1, pgp) CMIS Client OSGI bundle
OpenCMIS OSGI server Download (md5, sha1, pgp) CMIS Server OSGI bundle

Older releases

For older releases please refer to Archives or you can get them using Maven

Verify authenticity of Downloads package

While downloading the packages, make yourself familiar on how to verify their integrity, authenticity and provenience according to the Apache Software Foundation best practices. Please make sure you check the following resources: